Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Bozo

It’s Tailwaggers’ Thursday and I’m so happy to have my friend Bozo visiting today. Do show him some love.

Last weekend was my first holiday with my humans. They took me along with them in their car all the way to Lonavala which is around 110kms from home.

I loved the drive through the mountains and the house that we stayed in was in the mountains too!

The best part was that all my loving humans were with me. We danced and we sang and ate some fabulous food too!

It was two days of fun and frolic!

I felt very tired once I returned home and slept for ten hours straight – my favorite pastime!



PS: I blog at Pets Forever don’t forget to visit.


Tailwaggers’ Thursday: Princess Yoda

I’m starting a new series called Tail-Waggers’ Thursday in which I will feature my friends from around the world.
Please click on the links provided to visit their blogs or those of their parents.

My first guest is the lovely Princess Yona all the way from the US of A:

Hi everyone – My name is Princess Yona. I’m five years old and I live in Oregon, USA with my lovely Mama, Jan and her grandchildren and ‘my’ cats. I love my Papa too, but I get to see him only twice a week and then I have to share him with Jan and the kids! 

My Mama is a brilliant photographer (as you will see in her blog) and she took this picture of me. She calls it ‘The Princess and the Pea’ 🙂

Nice meeting you all.

~ Princess Yona

Isn’t she lovely – I wish she lived closer! ♥

This Was Due On Mar

I haven’t posted in a long time and even if you didn’t say so, I’m sure you missed me. Don’t lie now!
All complaints about this delay should be addressed to my secretary who is the one responsible for being so lax! I would have sacked her but then a dog needs food ……. 😦
Now this is going to be a short post to wish a very special boy a very belated Happy Birthday…..He’s really been my pal and whenever we meet I must confess I harass – not that he minds! Here’s a picture of him at his school sports. Hey, Jonathan, why didn’t you invite me? I could have taken part in the march-past!! Now I’m afraid it’s past March ….but not too late to say:

Happy birthday for the 30th, Jonathan!

~ Love and licks

Happy Birthday…

Image028 Image023Image034

Happy Birthday, dear Lisa! Thank you for taking care of me when I was a little puppy. I love you (even if you love Tich more than you love me!)

Love & licks

How Cute Is This?

They tell me I’m famous enough to be on a Valentine’s Day cards – imagine!
These cards were made by a very sweet young woman, Anagha, who I’m waiting to meet. She is José and Corinne’s classmate at their Spanish class. I wonder why they don’t take me to class sometimes….you can’t get more Spanish than Pablo Rodrigues surely?
Anagha, thank you……I’m hoping to meet you real soon.
Love and licks

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